About our company

Recruitment and Employment Agency Eurokryptis Ltd was established in 2006. We have since become a reputable specialist in searching of qualified individuals and providing recruitment & support Services within the EU and other neighbouring countries.

All our staff and representatives are highly diverse & qualified specialists with no less then five to ten years work experience in the recruitment & employment sector. At Eurokryptis Ltd are always opened to discuss your inquiries and to answer any questions you may have regarding your job search, career or prospects etc. Further we are able to provide support for recruits planning to make a move oversees. We provide our recruits with employment opportunities from only trustworthy business partners and employers who can illustrate a solid track record of reliable employment history with verifiable references and testimonials. We are actively attempt to extend our contacts with national and international business partners/employers allowing us to supply our recruits with great employment opportunities.

We endeavour to always find individually tailored solution for each of our recruits/business partners as we believe each circumstance, recruit or partner is not the same and require a variety approaches. This framework enables us to ensure and maintain a consistent level of service quality and delivery.

We pride ourselves in excellent communication driving a professional image among our recruits, business partners and employers. This attribute amongst many is one of the keys to success of Eurokryptis Ltd boasting outstanding feedback time and time again.


  • Greetings from Cyprus! I am very happy about everything. Working conditions as per job description. We are living in the same Hotel.
  • It is my second time I use their services. I used to work in Norway for one year and now I work in Netherlands. Very happy! Cheers.
  • One of my relatives found the job first and was very satisfied bout Eurokryptis. Now I am planning to do the same.
  • Always recommended, our first port of call.
  • Euro Kryptis always meet and exceed expectation time and time again.

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